On Court, Tennis in the Park

A joint effort from Nike and the Lawn Tennis Association, Tennis Tuesdays bring together women from your area who want to learn and play. A professional coach will help you improve your game through a mixture of easy-to-follow skills training and informal match play.

Speaking at the launch, Clare Webb, Product Manager at the Lawn Tennis Association, said: “The main premise behind Tennis Tuesdays was to find a way for busy women to fit tennis into their lives. [W]e are passionate about getting more women playing tennis more often. We are committed to showing that sports are engaging women in new and innovative ways to help break down the barriers to female participation”.

I sampled a Tennis Tuesday session and can confirm that it’s really fun: starting with some court drills in pairs to familiarise us with tennis techniques, we moved on to some games to practice our new skills, ending the session with a non-intimidating group match. Switching partners throughout the hour meant we all had the chance to meet each other.

If you’re looking for a sociable way to exercise – while getting professional level coaching – Tennis Tuesdays can’t be beat.

To book your spot, go to clubspark.lta.org.uk/TennisTuesdays, enter your postcode to find your local courts. There’s a small charge for each session (under £10) but they provide the rackets and balls, so there’s no need to buy any new kit.

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