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Making a few too many mistakes recently? Strings feeling a little looser than before or making a funny sound? It may be time to get your racket restrung. We offer a range of strings to suit different playing standards and styles.

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A professional, high quality, racket restringing service.

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If the strings are beginning to fray, this is a sign that it is likely to break soon and you should considering restringing your racket A loss in tension will cause the ball to respond differently. You may notice a change in control and power which will affect the way you play.

Your racket is feeling a little dead and the ball is not popping off your strings You are having to adapt your swing to control the ball If you notice a change in sound when you hit the ball

As a rule of thumb, you should restring your racket the amount of hours you play per week. Some strings will loose tension quicker than others so keep in mind the points above.

Important Information

  • If your racket strings break immediately after having it restrung, please contact Matt to discuss. Every effort will be made to resolve the issue.
  • Before any racket is restrung the frame will be fully checked for damage to ensure that the racket is suitable for restringing. If we believe that racket is unsuitable we will advise you immediately and discuss the options. The racket is restrung at the clients own risk and therefore we do not accept responsibility for any damage caused to the frame while being restrung.


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