Monofilament Construction

Originally associated with low cost nylons, now a solid construction blending polyester or other polyamides which produces a durable string.

Solid Core with Single Wrap

The solid core gives durability and reduces tension loss whilst the outer wrap protects the core and improves playability.

Solid Core with Multi Wrap

The extra wrap gives a ‘softer’ feel and better playability, although the thinner core decreases durability.

Multicore with Multi Wrap

The multifilament core increases elasticity with resulting improved playability. The outer wrap protects the core.


Very similar in construction to natural gut; coreless string is made up of multifibres then coated for protection. It has excellent playability but tends to loose tension more quickly than strings with a centre core. We suggest a 10% increase in tension or pre-stretching.


This combination of nylon and aramid fibres (Kevlar, Technora etc) increases durability whilst not impairing playability.


The construction of a very durable main string (aramid fibre or monofilament) and more elastic cross string (synthetic gut) is ideal for the frequent string breaker. Many players now choose to make up their own hybrids.


The same construction as a solid core with a single wrap, but with added outer wrap or wraps giving the string extra texture for grip.

Natural Gut

The ultimate in playability and still favoured by some of the world’s leading tennis players. Either beef or sheep gut is used to make a string with excellent power and feel.

Kevlar / Aramid Fibre

The ultimate in durability. Kevlar belongs to the family of aramids. Kevlar is the strongest and toughest string on the market.