For players aged 4-11

For just £25 every child will receive 6 high – quality lessons, developed by experts at the LTA, as well as a special Tennis for Kids Babolat racket, ball set, and personalised T-shirt delivered right to their door.

From how to hold a racket, to developing a rally, your kid will learn all the essentials that are key to building confidence and a foundation in tennis. Age-specific activities and specially trained coaches give you the reassurance that your kid is receiving the best possible start in tennis – as well as having lots of fun and staying active in a safe, relaxed environment.

Tennis is a great way for children to learn new skills, and we encourage home practice with mum, dad, brothers and sisters so the whole family can be involved. Plus tennis is a great sport to help your child learn valuable life skills, like respect, team work, fair play and concentration.

Most importantly, they’ll be having fun and making new friends – and who knows, it may even be the start of a life-long love for tennis!

  • Smaller courts
  • Smaller rackets
  • Softer balls
  • Slower games, longer rallies
  • Specialised Racket, Balls & Personalised T-shirt included
Pay & Play Sessions Currently Running

Please note:

Pay & Play sessions run throughout the year. However, sessions maybe cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or staff illness. If this is your first session, it is advised that you contact the coach running it to check it is going ahead before attending.

  • Courses only available at present
Tennis for Kids Courses Currently Running

Please note: This course is for players new to tennis only

Monday 17.00-18.00 at Winton Recreation Ground with Matt Cole

  • Course starting: Monday 23rd April
    • For children aged 4-7 years

Tuesday 16.00-17.00 at Winton Recreation Ground with Matt Cole

  • Course starting: Tuesday 24th April
    • For children aged 4-7 years

Saturday 11.00-12.00 at Shelley Park with Moses Otiti

  • Course starting: Saturday 21st April
    • For children aged 4-7 years

Sunday 11.00-12.00 at Redhill Park with Catherine Lawson

  • Course starting: Sunday 22nd April
    • For children aged 4-7 years
Class Details
Duration:60 mins
Location:Winton Recreation Ground, Swanmore Gardens, Red Hill, Shelley Park
Session Type:Mini Tennis
Session Size:10
Price:£25 per course