What is a box league?

Box leagues provide a great opportunity to compete on a regular basis against players of a similar standard and also meet new people and improve your overall game in a fun, competitive environment.

Both players are responsible for bringing their own rackets and each supplying a set of balls to use which must be of decent quality.

Each round, players will be expected to play against all others within the box which will be on average 5 matches.

Who can enter?

To enter the box league, players must be key fob holders (Tennis in the Park) to allow them to book and gain access to the courts.

Players must be 16 years +

The parks box league is a mixed league and therefore boxes will consist of both Men and Women.

The box league is designed to cater for all abilities baring complete beginners. Throughout the rotations players of similar levels will generally gravitate towards each other, making the boxes similarly competitive.

In order to take part in the box league players MUST be able to score their own games.

Players must be able to start the point with a serve and be able to hit both forehand & backhand.

In order to enter the league, players must have a BTM (British Tennis Membership) which is free to sign up for. If you a have an LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) rating this will be used to gauge your playing standard.


During each year there will be 5 scheduled rounds. Each round will last 9 weeks, however due to shorter evenings in winter we have decided to make 1 round in the summer 8 weeks long (Jun-Aug) to allow for a 12 week round through the winter months (Nov-Jan).

Players can enter as many rounds as they would like ranging from the minimum of 1 to the maximum of 5.

There are discounts applied when signing up for multiple rounds. Signing up to 5 rounds generates a discount of 25%

It’s important to remember that players who temporarily withdraw from the box league or who miss a round or 2 will be re-entered as close to their previous box league standing as possible.

Match Organisation

All players share responsibility for contacting the opponents in their box to arrange their matches. The contact details you provide when signing up will be shared with the other players in the box.

As both players will be key fob holders it is suggested that each players books a 1 hour time slot back to back allowing 2 hours to complete the match.

If floodlights are required, each player should supply 1 token to ensure the match can be completed in adequate time.

A player may claim a walkover if they are unable to arrange a match at any time during the round with another player, due to the opponent being unable to play. To be able to claim a walkover, the player must have offered at least 3 dates to play, and the opponent must have refused these dates, and not offered any alternative dates. If both players have suggested 3 dates each and no other solution can be found then no walkover can be claimed.

If two players arrange to play a match, and one fails to turn up on the arranged date, the other player should claim the win. When emailing the results it must be highlighted that a victory was awarded due to the opponent not turning up and a score of 6-0 6-0 will be awarded.

If players are not attempting to contact their opponents, or consistently not completing their matches they may be removed from the league to ensure other players are getting value for money.

Scoring & Results

The scoring system is the best of 3 tie break sets. As long as both players agree after the second set that they would BOTH prefer to play a match tie break in place of the third set then this will be accepted. Once the results have been received by the organiser, they will amend the score on TTP to reflect a full set.

Both players are required to email match scores as soon as the match has been completed to ensure it has been recorded correctly. Please send results to info@bourne4tennis.co.uk

Players MUST resolve any disputes regarding scoring during their match themselves. If there is a problem before or after the match please report this to the organiser who will attempt to solve the problem.

Once match scores have been received and uploaded you will be able to see current league standings within the results section.

Promotion & Relegation

Once a rotation has been completed the top 2 players will be promoted into the box above, the 2 players at the bottom will be relegated to the box below and the remaining players will remain. In some circumstances the number of players promoted or relegated may change so completing as many matches as possible is important.

The software TTP (Tennis Tournament Planner) is used to calculate the box league results and standings. The organiser reserves the right to vary or amend the rules and regulations as necessary to ensure the smooth running of the league.

Additional information

Upon entering the box league you will be sent an email with a few questions regarding your playing standard. This will be used where possible to help place you in the most level appropriate box. In some circumstances you may have to work your way up if the league is already running and there are no spaces available.

It must be noted, each box will usually contain 6 players, however in some circumstances boxes maybe increased to 7 or decreased to 5 to allow for adjustment of players joining or leaving the league.

The Box League runs over a year period, with 5 rounds per year. When joining the Box League you can opt to choose between 1 and 5 rounds.

Available Rounds

Monday 9th November 2020 – Sunday 31st January 2021

Closing Date: Friday 6th November 2020

Monday 8th February 2021 – Sunday 11th April 2021

Closing Date: Friday 5th February 2020

Monday 19th April 2021 – Sunday 20th June 2021

Closing Date: Friday 16th April 2021

Monday 28th June 2021 – Sunday 22nd August 2021

Closing Date: Friday 25th June 2021

Monday 30th August 2021 – Sunday 31st October 2021

Closing Date: Friday 29th August 2021


Please note: You will require a British Tennis Membership in order to join the box league. You can obtain a membership for free at their website.

You will also require a ‘Tennis in the Park’ keyfob, which gives you unlimited tennis per household at a choice of 20 tennis courts in the Bournemouth area.

1 Round
2 Rounds
3 Rounds
4 Rounds
5 Rounds