Learn to play tennis the Xpress way

Tennis Xpress is a beginner adult introductory coaching course for players who want to learn the basics of the sport. Tennis Xpress is centered on the use of modified equipment such as slower bouncing green and orange balls to ensure that players quickly learn the game of tennis; being able to serve, rally and score by the end of the course. 


  • Learn to play and score in just 6 hours
  • Modified equipment provided
  • Relaxed learning environment
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Courses Currently Running
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Courses Starting Soon
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Tennis Xpress Follow On Courses Currently Running

Monday 19.00-20.00 at Winton Recreation Ground with Matt Cole & Catherine Lawson

  • Commencing: Monday 30th October 2017

Tuesday 19.00-20.00 at Winton Recreation Ground with Matt Cole

  • Commencing: Tuesday 31st October 2017
Tennis Xpress Follow On Courses Starting Soon
  • No Follow On Courses Currently Scheduled
Session Details
Location:Winton Recreation Ground, Redhill Park, Shelley Park
Session Type:Adults
Session Size:8
Price:£20 / £24 per course